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I’m Viktor Jáger, musician, photographer and geologist PhD. 

Femininity and mistique. The contrast of ambiguity with erotic moments is one of my favourite playground and starting point of my concept art. With my model friends, I would like to create alternative worlds with unclear borders between possible and impossible, certain and uncertain, happened and unhappened or between dream and reality and even between reality and a possible reality. But the choice and decision begins in your conscience. I take photos with medium format analogue equipment because analog sign is continuous like our surrounding world and not discontinuous with loss of information like the unnatural digital sign. This is a theoretical point of view of my film photography. 

"It’s wrong to say that the invention of film photography was the only driving force that encouraged painters to break with tradition, and create the many modern art movements of the 20th Century; if anything a lot of painters used photography to help take painting into new directions. The parallel between then and now is that with the presence of an invention which does it quicker, cheaper and easier; film photographers now are more aware that they have the option to explore photography on a more personal level, where there is no ‘correct’ form photography. Subject and photographic technique are there to be manipulated for the sake of concept, and traditional methods can be mixed with modern methods to achieve this goal." /Simon Fernandez/

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Viktor Jáger
Tel: +36 30 376 4801

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Price per print is under request. Shipping worldwide is available. PayPal and the bank transfer are accepted payment options. The prints are shipped well protected and well packed. Maximum authorised copies from one artwork is seven. if an artwork being published only one piece, the negative will be attached to the image.

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Exhibitions in 2020

Feminine/Masculine - group exhibition, PH21 Gallery, Budapest (one artwork)

Imagination - group exhibition, PH21 Gallery, Budapest (2 artwork from a series)


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